No matter what type of concert or performance you love, country, rock and roll, rap, symphony, ballet, or orchestra, we all know that its about more than just the love of music and fine arts, It’s about the bottom line.

We have worked together with some of our partners, such as Kbull Radio, and the Cinco de Mayo concerts to come up with a few great ideas for revenue boosting, and it all starts with beer!!!

Beer, and other alcohol sales are the highest yielding income to any concert or live venue. Combined with food sales, this is the revenue area that a large screen LED display will boost the most. Proper placement of the screen as to be visible from the food and alcohol lines is key to maximizing the flow and reducing line bottle-necking. Customers will be far more likely to leave their seating area to go and purchase these items if they know they won’t miss part of the concert by doing so.

Another great way to boost the bottom line, is to save money on the performers themselves. Many Bands and performing artists with lower their rates if they receive a copy of the concert, for their own personal use. Our 1080p hdmi cameras that we use for streaming the event, can also be used to capture in high definition, the beauty of the performance. You can man them yourself, or have them professionally staffed by our team members, and either way, end up with a great permanent record of the event.

Bring excitement to your sports event


Remember to use an LED-Trailers Mobile Display because we offer the highest quality in mobile LED display, for the lowest price. We will always answer your questions honestly, and never push more on you than you need. Having been in the rental business for several years now, we know what works, and what doesn’t, and can give you expert advice on your rental, or purchase.