There are three ways of boosting sales in the business world

  1. Increase the amount you get from each customer on each visit
  2. Increase the amount of customers
  3. Increase the frequency of return for the customers you already have.

Our other pages discuss the first item and how to boost sales at your event. On this page we will be discussing the other two. If you have a once a year event, the best way to attck item number 3 is to make the experience a memorable one. LED technology is the next generation of generating the one key word to making that happen. WOW!!!!

You want your audience/customers to say WOW, even more so you NEED them to!!!!! Without the WOW, you were just another thing they may or may not do next year, or next game, if they even remember you at all. LED screens bring the WOW in a way that almost stuns the audience with its brilliance and memorability.

Using LED to bring that WOW factor will make you memorable! ?Your customers will not only be waiting, full of nervous anticipation, to see your next show, but they will be helping you accomplish the last of the three ways to boost income. Bringing in more customers.

Bring excitement to your outdoor event


People who are stunned by a great show with a fantastic live LED stream, can’t stop talking about it to their friends. Every time they think about something related to your event, their mind will turn to it, and they won’t be able to stop gabbing about it, and their friends will be chomping at the bit as well!

Remember to use an LED-Trailers Mobile Display because we offer the highest quality in mobile LED display, for the lowest price. We will always answer your questions honestly, and never push more on you than you need. Having been in the rental business for several years now, we know what works, and what doesn’t, and can give you expert advice on your rental, or purchase.

If you want to rent a Indoor or outdoor LED display video screen contact us at.

  • Drew Steig – Director of Operations
  • 4995 ridge dr, salem, oregon, 97301
  • (971) 338-4444

Our low cost high quality mobile display units are proudly assembled, rented, and in the state of Oregon, USA

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