A large screen LED Trailer or indoor mobile display may seem like a really neat gimmick, but leave you wondering what the true benefit of it may be to you. The answer is simple. Led technology is designed to boost revenues in a myriad of possible ways. As the world evolves every year, and high tech becomes the norm, there will continually be new avenues, that we haven’t even thought of, to boost your revenues, but here are a few tried and true methods we know work, and links to corresponding pages with more details.

SPORTS GAMES – Everyone can see how using this screen for home games and viewing parties are a great way to boost your income, but what about away games? Go from making nothing when your team is away, to boosting revenues through the roof!!! click the link to find out how!!!!!

OUTDOOR/INDOOR CONCERTS, AND PERFORMANCES – Take your event to the next level with a live stream to the big screen! Click the link to find out how to boost food and alchohol sales, and save money of the performers!!!!!

RETURN CLIENTS – We all have attended events before that we wouldn’t go to again. Click the link to find out how to use LED technology to not only keep them coming back next year, but motivate them to drag their friends along too! Make your event the one they talk about all year long!!!

Why use LED-Trailers and not someone else?

The answer is simple. We are proud to offer the highest quality in mobile LED display, for the lowest price. We answer your questions honestly, and never push more on you than you need. Having been in the rental business for several years now, we know what works, and what doesn’t, and can give you expert advice on your rental, or purchase.

LED-Trailers – Lighting the path

Here is a short video clip with money boosting ideas!!!


If you want to rent a Indoor or outdoor LED display video screen contact us at.

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Our low cost high quality mobile display units are proudly assembled, rented, and in the state of Oregon, USA

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