LED.Trailers.com photo gallery of our large video screens.

In this NorthWest Food Fair YouTube video we have even toned down the brightness about 80% to be inside.  It works very well for entertainment.  We can provide a bright, easy to read screen even on the sunniest days for outside or a more modest screen for inside.  This was screen was powered with electricity from the building, thus providing a clean working environment for those inside.


In this YouTube video we have even toned down the brightness about 80% to be inside. We can provide a bright, easy to read screen even on the sunniest days.

The traditional projection screen used at the Oregon Convention Center basically failed as it was not bright enough even for close up viewing, The LED-Trailer was able to present a clear and easy to view, live cooking show, across the whole large convention floor,  photo below.




LED-Trailers.com: Curb appeal advertising.

Albert Einstein said “Make everything as simple as possible”  



Truly Einstein’s saying applies today, especially in our electronic world.  Our simplistic models, here at LED-Trailers.com, have always been one of our main goals.  We have made a LED-Trailer.com solution for you, which makes creating a promotional advertisement for a LED screen very simple and easy. These screens are of the highest standards with bright screens and fast refreshing.  If you can  build a graphic presentation on your computer and store it on a flash drive, then that’s how simple and easy our system is to use.

With your flash memory drive you could upload a new advertising program into our on-board trailer computer … and Bam! you have a large screened, custom-made advertisement, located in a place only a mobile platform could provide.

Led-Trailers.com has a built-in on-board computer system, with pre-installed software, keyboard, mouse and flat screen monitor that allows you to run most programs, including a DVD / movie on a full color screen. The monitor is attached to the lid of our diamond plated aluminum storage box, so that when you open the system it is easy and simple to view.  It also provides a good work platform. (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Technical specification P12 (Saint Helens/ Rockwell / Shasta Trailer)

◆ LED Display Technical Specification P12 (Saint Helens / Rockwell / Shasta Trailers)

LINK: LED-Trailers.com: Technical specification P10 (Saint Helens/ Rockwell / Shasta Trailer)

LED-Trailers.com  P12 Screen Advantages:
1. LED screens are new and already the most popular advertising tools.
2. High quality,high brightness, beyond comparing.
3. Longer lifespan than other screens.
4. Wider application and multipurpose.
5. High water proof.
6. Flexible design at low cost, many shapes are available.
7. High consistence with constant driver IC.
8. High contrast radio and high refresh rate.
9. High compatible with video processor,any signal input.

LED-Trailers.com current Spec’s for the Saint Helens, Rockwell and Shasta LED P12 display trailer:

Video screen P12,

High resolution


The cabinets come with a two year warranty form the manufacture.

Input signal

VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.

Screen Size

1 panel is equal to 2.88 by 2.88 meters 8.2944sqm outdoor LED video display


LED’s configuration

Red: wave length: 625~630nm;1100-1300mcd
Green: wave length: 525~530nm;1900-2400mcd
Blue: wave length: 470~475nm;500-700mcd (more…)