LED.Trailers.com photo gallery of our large video screens.

In this NorthWest Food Fair YouTube video we have even toned down the brightness about 80% to be inside.  It works very well for entertainment.  We can provide a bright, easy to read screen even on the sunniest days for outside or a more modest screen for inside.  This was screen was powered with electricity from the building, thus providing a clean working environment for those inside.


In this YouTube video we have even toned down the brightness about 80% to be inside. We can provide a bright, easy to read screen even on the sunniest days.

The traditional projection screen used at the Oregon Convention Center basically failed as it was not bright enough even for close up viewing, The LED-Trailer was able to present a clear and easy to view, live cooking show, across the whole large convention floor,  photo below.




LED-Trailers.com: Lower costs with higher standards

In a effort for us to save you money we reviewed the mobile LED display market, many if not all the LED display trailers were priced significantly higher than LED-Trailer.com units.  Most were at least 50% higher in price, and often with a smaller lessor quality trailer and inferior screens knowing our LED display screens are P12  with high resolution some of the highest standards with bright screens and fast refreshing times. But price of product alone is not as important as making the right big decision with your advertising budget.

Question ?

What cost more over a 5 year period.

 A)  The above, person wearing a walking billboard working 16 hours a week OR

B) The very large LED video screen billboard working 24/7.

If your hiring someone for 16 hours a week, to wear a costume, to drum up business/traffic outside of your business (If this pay-rate is based at only 7.25 per hour, or the national minimum wage rate, and this pay doesn’t including sick time, breaks or any benefits), just this single employee’s pay spread over 5 years will be more than the cost to purchase a Rockwell LED trailer.

Now the benefit to you instead of just receiving 16 hours a week of high attention time, with our LED-Trailers.com you will now receive over 10 times the amount of time alone, with even more attention with a larger brighter media, superior standards, working 24/7, and all for the less money.


B Over 5 years the cost for the Rockwell trailer will be is a little less. .


LED-Trailers.com: Large LED colored screens providing live video.

An Event Dream !

Have your food fair have stand out, or your Cinco De mayo where everyone can see it.

The LED-Trailers.com large P12 screens can make both an excellent live presentations or advertising billboards.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,

“LED signs draw in 50% of a business’ customers. As much as all other advertising combined.”

LED-Trailers.com produces one of the highest quality video solution with very large colored LED display screens on an easy to handle mobile trailers here in the United States. These mobile video systems have been designed from the ground up in a modular fashion to provide an exceptional large self contained display advertising screen on a mobile platform. Our LED trailers allows for maximum versatility and reduces issues relating to vehicles, mobility and placement. If your are looking for a portable big indoors or outdoors screens that definitely has a real wow factor, give us a call!