LED-Trailers.com: Self locking screen for traveling.

When this very large Saint Helens, Rockwell or Shasta LED screen comes down, from it’s hydraulic lift or perch, it will automatically self lock.  This self locking ability is a remarkable feature that we have engineered. This major enhancement improves the road stability when traveling, saves you time and ensures that this important step has not been forgotten. This way you can travel with more ease and assurance.  It’s a great feature found only on LED-Trailers.com.

This is our diamond plated aluminum storage system ( behind the screen) that gives an attractive look.


LED-Trailers.com: Advertising outdoor trailers are powder coated


Here is a photo of one of our (cage) and trailer just after being powder coated,  prior to the LED screens, hydraulics and computer parts being added. It is not an easy task to powder coat a 10’x10″ piece of metal.

The powder coating that LED-Trailers.com uses has the flowing advantages:

  1. Powder coatings emit zero or near zero Volatile Organic Compounds. (VOC).
  2. Powder coatings produce much thicker and tougher coatings without running or sagging.
  3. Powder coatings paint peel less and look more professional.
  4. Powder coated paint lasts longer without surface rust,  therefore looks better over time.
  5. Powder coating over-spray can be recycled,  therefore it’s possible to achieve nearly 100% use of the coating.
  6. Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous material than conventional liquid coatings.
  7. Powder coated items generally have fewer appearance differences between horizontally and vertically coated surfaces than liquid coated items.


LED-Trailers.com: Curb appeal advertising.

Albert Einstein said “Make everything as simple as possible”  


Truly Einstein’s saying applies today, especially in our electronic world.  Our simplistic models, here at LED-Trailers.com, have always been one of our main goals.  We have made a LED-Trailer.com solution for you, which makes creating a promotional advertisement for a LED screen very simple and easy. These screens are of the highest standards with bright screens and fast refreshing.  If you can  build a graphic presentation on your computer and store it on a flash drive, then that’s how simple and easy our system is to use.

With your flash memory drive you could upload a new advertising program into our on-board trailer computer … and Bam! you have a large screened, custom-made advertisement, located in a place only a mobile platform could provide.

Led-Trailers.com has a built-in on-board computer system, with pre-installed software, keyboard, mouse and flat screen monitor that allows you to run most programs, including a DVD / movie on a full color screen. The monitor is attached to the lid of our diamond plated aluminum storage box, so that when you open the system it is easy and simple to view.  It also provides a good work platform. (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Welded steel frame and mast

At LED-Trailers.com we have developed and specially designed a solid steel based screen frame, one that can hold from 9-15 panels.  We call this frame the “cage”. The cage will be attached to the trailer platform, and then connected to a trailer equipped with an on-board hydraulic lift.

The large screen solutions are designed and engineered by our in-house design team.  High quality LED screens are placed inside the cage, which is designed to hold the screens in an effective manner.  Our major goal is to provide a safe and secure work environment for our clients, while providing a large mobile solution that stays within the  load restrictions, such as height, on US highways.  (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Built in GPS trackers

At LED-Trailers.com we know that the mobility of these high quality and very desirable platforms might also make them vulnerable to certain criminal elements.  To better insure our clients against theft and unwanted loss, we can installed a GPS tracker.

If one of our trailers has been stolen, a quick call to the police can immediately direct them to the spot of its current location. What a great deterrent for theft!  You can have ease of mind knowing  that a LED-Trailer emits a location beacon for its quick and easy retrieval.   (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Hitch locks to increase prevention again theft

A majority of our clients use our trailers as billboards and for advertising. This means they are on 24/7 and are often left unattended in a parking lot overnight.  With this in mind, can provided our LED-Trailers.com with a hitch lock to help protect every LED-Trailer.com platform.

Another picture to show the clearness of our screen. (Notice how the tractor above looks better on the large LED mobile screen, than in real life.)  A great mobile way to show your product.

LED-Trailers.com: Work with or without electrical hook-ups

At LED-Trailers.com we give you, the client, an option to include on board power generation or electrical hook-ups.  The self generation feature allows our large screen mobile trailer solutions to be established at the most strategic location for viewing (for example on top of a hill) a video presentation.

These new self start power generators are only installed for our Saint Helens and  Rockwell models.



LED-Trailers.com: Technical specification P12 (Saint Helens/ Rockwell / Shasta Trailer)

◆ LED Display Technical Specification P12 (Saint Helens / Rockwell / Shasta Trailers)

LINK: LED-Trailers.com: Technical specification P10 (Saint Helens/ Rockwell / Shasta Trailer)

LED-Trailers.com  P12 Screen Advantages:
1. LED screens are new and already the most popular advertising tools.
2. High quality,high brightness, beyond comparing.
3. Longer lifespan than other screens.
4. Wider application and multipurpose.
5. High water proof.
6. Flexible design at low cost, many shapes are available.
7. High consistence with constant driver IC.
8. High contrast radio and high refresh rate.
9. High compatible with video processor,any signal input.

LED-Trailers.com current Spec’s for the Saint Helens, Rockwell and Shasta LED P12 display trailer:

Video screen P12,

High resolution


The cabinets come with a two year warranty form the manufacture.

Input signal

VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.

Screen Size

1 panel is equal to 2.88 by 2.88 meters 8.2944sqm outdoor LED video display


LED’s configuration

Red: wave length: 625~630nm;1100-1300mcd
Green: wave length: 525~530nm;1900-2400mcd
Blue: wave length: 470~475nm;500-700mcd (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Delrin lined mast

LED-Trailer.com line the steel extension sleeve that fits over the mast with black Delrin®

Delrin material in black and white

Delrin material in black and white

Most people don’t even know that Delrin sleeves are built into our trailers, and that’s fine with us, but for those wanting a high quality solution’s, our experience tell us, this is a must !

Our design and instillation of Delrin reduces the long term abrasive effects by greatly reducing the friction of metal sliding on metal, but this also allows our LED-Trailers.com to achieve a much higher wind and road tolerances while significantly improving the ease of movement of the mast, along with lowering the everyday wear and tear.   These extra steps that LED-Trailers.com provided like Delrin lined mast will provide a better and easier to use product for our users. (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Lower costs with higher standards

In a effort for us to save you money we reviewed the mobile LED display market, many if not all the LED display trailers were priced significantly higher than LED-Trailer.com units.  Most were at least 50% higher in price, and often with a smaller lessor quality trailer and inferior screens knowing our LED display screens are P12  with high resolution some of the highest standards with bright screens and fast refreshing times. But price of product alone is not as important as making the right big decision with your advertising budget.

Question ?

What cost more over a 5 year period.

 A)  The above, person wearing a walking billboard working 16 hours a week OR

B) The very large LED video screen billboard working 24/7.

If your hiring someone for 16 hours a week, to wear a costume, to drum up business/traffic outside of your business (If this pay-rate is based at only 7.25 per hour, or the national minimum wage rate, and this pay doesn’t including sick time, breaks or any benefits), just this single employee’s pay spread over 5 years will be more than the cost to purchase a Rockwell LED trailer.

Now the benefit to you instead of just receiving 16 hours a week of high attention time, with our LED-Trailers.com you will now receive over 10 times the amount of time alone, with even more attention with a larger brighter media, superior standards, working 24/7, and all for the less money.


B Over 5 years the cost for the Rockwell trailer will be is a little less. .