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Advertising Success

We had a client move a LED Display Trailer from our LED-Trailers.com company next to a freeway.  In this YouTube Video you will see this Large screen could be set up from start to finish under 10 minutes,  and in this case  over 80,000 cars a day will now see his signs.  As you can see this is comply self contained unit with it’s on board power sources allowing this trailer to go almost anywhere.

[tube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Zsr9uBDTU[/tube] (more…)

LED-Trailers.com | Make your advertising big and bright

Make you business location quack !

One of our LED-Trailers.com clients wanted to post an University of Oregon Ducks support by the freeway on that way to the big game.  Well both the screen and the game worked out well with the Ducks betting Nicholls State 66-3 and many happy people recognizing for the first time the newer business.  If you desire like this unit, this is a 100% self contained power system allowing you to put signs up almost anywhere.

[tube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0BWUdbduqg[/tube] (more…)

LED-Trailers.com: Technical specification P10 (Saint Helens/ Rockwell / Shasta Trailer)


◆ LED Display Technical Specification (Saint Helens / Rockwell / Shasta Trailers P-10)

LINK: LED-Trailers.com: Technical specification P12 (Saint Helens/ Rockwell / Shasta Trailer)

LED-Trailers.com  P10 Screen Advantages:
1. LED screens are new and already the most popular advertising tools.
2. High quality,high brightness, beyond comparing.
3. Longer lifespan than other screens.
4. Wider application and multipurpose.
5. High water proof.
6. Flexible design at low cost, many shapes are available.
7. High consistence with constant driver IC.
8. High contrast radio and high refresh rate.
9. High compatible with video processor,any signal input.

LED-Trailers.com current Spec’s for the Rockwell and Shasta LED P10 display trailer:

Video screen P10:

High resolution


The cabinets come with a two year warranty form the manufacture.

Input signal:

Input signal VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.

Screen Size:

1 panel is equal to 2.88 by 2.88 meters 8.2944sqm outdoor LED video display

LED-Trailers.com has 12 combinations of low cost mobile LED screens.

We currency provide twelve combinations of outdoor screens, three separate model sizes,  multiple by 4 different quality screens, this wide combinations helps us specifically target you with a low cost high quality solution that you need. To see base prices for each please go to Model and Base Price page or submit online below.

Saint Helens

Is a 15 panel P-12 LED screen trailer that is approximately:
15.74 feet wide screen  or 188.88 inches
9.44  feet high screen or 113.28 inches

The total area of the Saint Helens LED screen is 148.66 square feet.

The very high quality P-10 screens are a available addition in this model. We could also provide P-16 and or P-20 screens for this 15 panel trailer. They would be priced below our base price for this Saint Helens model. (more…)

LED Advertising Signs

If you want a large outdoor advertising sign to show off your services, let us build you a outstanding product that we can bring it to your location,  we will even work with you sign professionals with zoning, with our experience and background from building multiple use LED screens mounted on trailers, to simple fixed billboards, from live entertainment to computer generated advertisements, from mobile platforms to permanent installations, from small inside screens to very large outside locations, we have true working solution that can solve your needs. We not only lead in LED screens with our experience and background but we also provide solution at shockingly low costs !



LED.Trailers.com photo gallery of our large video screens.

In this NorthWest Food Fair YouTube video we have even toned down the brightness about 80% to be inside.  It works very well for entertainment.  We can provide a bright, easy to read screen even on the sunniest days for outside or a more modest screen for inside.  This was screen was powered with electricity from the building, thus providing a clean working environment for those inside.


In this YouTube video we have even toned down the brightness about 80% to be inside. We can provide a bright, easy to read screen even on the sunniest days.

The traditional projection screen used at the Oregon Convention Center basically failed as it was not bright enough even for close up viewing, The LED-Trailer was able to present a clear and easy to view, live cooking show, across the whole large convention floor,  photo below.