◆ LED Display Technical Specification (Saint Helens / Rockwell / Shasta Trailers P-10)

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LED-Trailers.com  P10 Screen Advantages:
1. LED screens are new and already the most popular advertising tools.
2. High quality,high brightness, beyond comparing.
3. Longer lifespan than other screens.
4. Wider application and multipurpose.
5. High water proof.
6. Flexible design at low cost, many shapes are available.
7. High consistence with constant driver IC.
8. High contrast radio and high refresh rate.
9. High compatible with video processor,any signal input.

LED-Trailers.com current Spec’s for the Rockwell and Shasta LED P10 display trailer:

Video screen P10:

High resolution


The cabinets come with a two year warranty form the manufacture.

Input signal:

Input signal VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.

Screen Size:

1 panel is equal to 2.88 by 2.88 meters 8.2944sqm outdoor LED video display

LED’s configuration

Pixel pitch:

(mm) 10

Pixel density:

(dots/㎡) 10000

Calibrated brightness:

(cd/sqm,nit)  8000 nits(adjustable)

Calibrated brightness proportion ratio:

R: G: B = 30%:60%:10%(adjustable)

Color temperature:

3,500° — 9,500° K(adjustable)

Contrast ratio:


Brightness adjustment:

(dimming) 100 grade auto/manual-adjustment

View angle(degree):

(50% brightness)  Horizontal: 120° (60° off center); Vertical: 70° (+25°/-45° off center)

Readability viewing angle Horizontal:

150° (75° off center); Vertical: 90° (+35°/-55° off center)

Color capability:

4.4 trillion

Refresh rate:

(Hz) >1200 Hz(adjustable)

Frame frequency:

(Hz) >60 Hz

Interface port:

DVI interface(DVI connector)

Protection grade:

IP65 front side/IP20 backside

LED Drive:

Constant-current drive


(hours)(50% brightness)  100,000 hours

Signal transmission direction:


Operating temperature:

(Celsius degree) -15~+55′

Storage temperature:

(Celsius degree) -30~+65′

Operation humidity:

(RH) 0-95%

Red:wave length:


Green:wave length:


Blue:wave length:


Operation humidity:

(RH) 0-99%

Control mode Synchronous & asynchronous available

Communication options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless,GPRS


120/240 V  AC single phase(50-60Hz)

Maximum power consumption:

(W/SQM) 750

Average power consumption:

(W/SQM) 300

Screen operation mode:

(scan/static) 1/4

For individualized pricing please indicate the model (Saint Helens / Rockwell / Shasta ) and the P-?? number (P10, P12 Base models, P16 or P20), Please also indicate  your usage such as advertising, live video or both.

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