When this very large Saint Helens, Rockwell or Shasta LED screen comes down, from it’s hydraulic lift or perch, it will automatically self lock.  This self locking ability is a remarkable feature that we have engineered. This major enhancement improves the road stability when traveling, saves you time and ensures that this important step has not been forgotten. This way you can travel with more ease and assurance.  It’s a great feature found only on LED-Trailers.com.

This is our diamond plated aluminum storage system ( behind the screen) that gives an attractive look.




The LED-Trailers.com easy self locking design is shown above when the screen is raised higher.

Self locking screens are one of many steps we took, on the mast alone, to insure a better product.

Five other major steps included below and are all part of our Quality Manufacturing:

1) Delrine lined mast.

2) Welded metal.

3) Powder coated.

4) Specialty engineered for use as a LED-Trailer.

5) Single touch hydraulic mast.

Some More Advantages

We designed this high quality solution at a very low cost to better position you to be profitable.

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