At we have developed and specially designed a solid steel based screen frame, one that can hold from 9-15 panels.  We call this frame the “cage”. The cage will be attached to the trailer platform, and then connected to a trailer equipped with an on-board hydraulic lift.

The large screen solutions are designed and engineered by our in-house design team.  High quality LED screens are placed inside the cage, which is designed to hold the screens in an effective manner.  Our major goal is to provide a safe and secure work environment for our clients, while providing a large mobile solution that stays within the  load restrictions, such as height, on US highways. 

The welded steel mast is one of many steps we took to insure a better product.  Five other major steps included below and are all part of our Quality Manufacturing:

1) Delrine lined mast.

2) Self locking screen.

3) Powder coated.

4) Specialty engineered for uses as a LED-Trailer.

5) Single touch hydraulic mast.

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