At we know that the mobility of these high quality and very desirable platforms might also make them vulnerable to certain criminal elements.  To better insure our clients against theft and unwanted loss, we can installed a GPS tracker.

If one of our trailers has been stolen, a quick call to the police can immediately direct them to the spot of its current location. What a great deterrent for theft!  You can have ease of mind knowing  that a LED-Trailer emits a location beacon for its quick and easy retrieval.   This GPS tracker can also help with employee unauthorized use. For example, in the event a young employee would try to use the LED trailer for lighting up a big party, your GPS tracker would let you know the exact location at all times. This would also prove to be extremely beneficial if you were to use these trailers in the rental market.  The combination of a GPS tracker and a locking ball on the trailer should help you relax knowing we have lowered the chance of any criminal or employee elements affecting your investment.

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