At we give you, the client, an option to include on board power generation or electrical hook-ups.  The self generation feature allows our large screen mobile trailer solutions to be established at the most strategic location for viewing (for example on top of a hill) a video presentation.

These new self start power generators are only installed for our Saint Helens and  Rockwell models.


Having the option of self generation and/or an electrical plug-in also helps define our as a 100% mobile vehicle,  this could be important in defining the trailers use in many local zoning ordinances. Many of our competitors neglect this very important feature, due to the high cost.

We currently provide the Rockwell model with a 7500 peak watt, self start generator to provide large screen viewing,  currently it could run on a tank of gas for appropriately 9 hours.

This self start generator in inclosed in our high quality aluminum heavy gauge 1/8” marine grade aluminum storage containers.  This attractive diamond plated extra step is designed to ensure the electronics is in a safe storage location. simple approach has created a much stronger more reliable trailer,  with less moving parts and weight to haul, but most important is that our video platforms are very easy to use.  The self start generators is one of many enhancing strides in providing a better and simpler to use product for our users.

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