The trailer we designed and built with has 4 extra steps included:

1) Customized welded stanches.

2) Extra wide trailer/footprint

3). Designed to have high quality control , very eye please , low cost.

4) Engineered to hold a very large mast and LED screen.

Customized welded stanches.

LED-Trailers.com wanted to make leveling a video trailer easy with minimal effort, especially considering the very large screens we provide.  So instead of a slide out stanch like most some large equipment uses, we designed and built a extra wide trailer with welded stanches located at the comers, and then added easy lifting cranks.

This makes lifting the trailer so simple that you can move the frame above the wheels and or level it on uneven ground.

LED-Trailers.com simple approach has created a stronger more reliable trailer,  with less moving parts and weight to haul/move, and most important this makes our trailers very easy to use.  The welded corner stanches is another enhance stride in providing a better and simpler to use product for our users.
Extra wide trailer/footprint
We use a extra wide 6′-10″ footprint to better support and balance the video trailer, the trailers come with 1 or 2 axles depending on the clients wishes.

Designed to eye please and simple.

The trailer has simple but very appealing elegant lines for a working investment, it brings lots of attention even from the backside sitting in a parking lot.  We made could become part of a stage or it’s own backdrop.  Even making the backside attractive.

Supports a mast and LED screen.

The Saint Helens

It comes with custom designed extra sturdy load 16 foot long, 6′-10″ wide,  7,000 pounds capacity double axle trailer with breaks.

The Rockwell

It comes with custom designed 12 foot long, 6′-10″ wide, sturdy load 5,000 pound capacity double axle trailer with breaks.

The Shasta

It comes with custom designed 10 foot long, 6′-10″ wide, with 2300 pound capacity single axle trailer,

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