At we designed our large screen trailers so they are very simple to operate.  With a single touch, you can raise and lower the hydraulic lift for the screens

The screens in an up and down position.

The hydraulic system on board the


We also understand how frustrated we have became with a short cored so we we put in a long one. These extra steps that provided like one touch screen and the longer cord provide our users with a better and easier to use display trailer.

We designed this high quality solution at a very low cost to better position you to be profitable.

Single touch screen is one of our many steps we took on the mast alone to insure a better product, 5 others major steps include below and are all part of our Quality Manufacturing.

1) Self locking screen for traveling.

2) Welded metal.

3) Powder coated.

4) Specialty engineered for uses as a LED-Trailer.

5) Delrin lined mast

Some More Advantages

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